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Circular Letters


Circular Letters (Till 2012) (5.34 MB)

No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2012, Dated January 01, 2013(278 KB)

C.L. No. 02/UHC/D.R.(i)/XIII-1/2013, Dated: January 3, 2013(195.4 KB)

Live telecast of two day Ubuntu Linux Training programme of eCommittee onGYANDARSHAN II TV Channel and its live webcast on IGNOU website(50.3 KB)

C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin. A/2013, Dated: March 1, 2013(476 KB)

C.L. No. 04/UHC/Admin. A/2013, Dated: March 20, 2013(309 KB)

C.L. No. 05/UHC/DR(I)/2013, Dated: April 3, 2013(175.3 KB)

C.L. No. 06/UHC/DR(I)-X-a-i/2013, Dated: May 03, 2013(529 KB)

C.L. No. 07/UHC/Admin A/2013, Dated: May 28, 2013 (305 KB)

C.L. No. 8/X(d)-I-Misc./DR(I)/2013, dated: July 02, 2013(497 KB)

Mobile Number Updation & Forgot Password Application links for Indianjudiciary Email Account Holders(49.1 KB)

C.L. No. 09/XVII-5/DR(I)/2013, Dated August 13, 2013(99 KB)

C.L. No. 10/X/b-1/DR(I)/2013, Dated September 18, 2013(165 KB)

C.L. No. 12/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated September 26, 2013(340 KB)

C.L. No. 13/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated December 26, 2013(367 KB)

C.L. No. 14/UHC/XVII-7/Admin.A/2013, Dated January 8, 2014(538 KB)

C.L. No. 15/UHC/DR(I)/2013, Dated January 8, 2014(451 KB)

C.L. No. 16/UHC/Admin-B/Misc.-2013, Dated February 21, 2014(244 KB)

C.L. No. 17/UHC/XVII-31/D.R.(I)/2010, Dated May 02, 2014(303 KB)

C.L. No. 18/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated May 06, 2014(683 KB)

C.L. No. 19/UHC/DR(I)/2014, Dated June 03, 2014(888.3 KB)

C.L. No. 20/UHC/DR(I)/2014, Dated June 18, 2014(525.1 KB)

C.L. No. 21/UHC/XVII-7/DR(I)/2014, Dated June 19, 2014(594 KB)

C.L. No. 22/UHC/XVII-8/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 08, 2014(238.9 KB)

C.L. No. 23/UHC/XVII-9/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 09, 2014(283.6 KB)

C.L. No. 24/UHC/XVII-7/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 31, 2014(264 KB)

C.L. No. 25/UHC/XVII-10/DR(I)/2014, Dated November 11, 2014(906.1 KB)

C.L. No. 01/UHC/XVII-10/DR(I)/2015, Dated July 01, 2015(16 KB)

C.L. No. 02/UHC/XVII-7/Admin-A/2015, Dated July 29, 2015(555 KB)

C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin-B/Mobile Phone/2012, Dated July 29, 2015(662 KB)

C.L. No. 04/UHC/XVII-7/Admin-A/2015, Dated August 04, 2015(29 KB)

C.L. No. 01/UJALA/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated January 18, 2016(380 KB)

C.L. No. 02/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated February 29, 2016(374 KB)

C.L. No. 03/UHC/XVII-4/DR(I)/2016, Dated March 21, 2016(227 KB)

C.L. No. 05/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated April 11, 2016(446 KB)

C.L. No. 06/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated July 21, 2016(340 KB)

C.L. No. 07/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated September 26, 2016(399 KB)

C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin-A/2017, Dated July 03, 2017(372 KB)

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