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Circular Letters


(1) Circular Letters (Till 2012) (5.34 MB)

(2) No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2012, Dated January 01, 2013 (Regarding Annual Confidential Remarks)(278 KB)

(3) C.L. No. 02/UHC/D.R.(i)/XIII-1/2013, Dated: January 3, 2013 (Expeditious disposal of cases relating to incidents of rape)(195.4 KB)

(4) Live telecast of two day Ubuntu Linux Training programme of eCommittee onGYANDARSHAN II TV Channel and its live webcast on IGNOU website(50.3 KB)

(5) C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin. A/2013, Dated: March 1, 2013 (Observance of dress code during training programmes)(476 KB)

(6) C.L. No. 04/UHC/Admin. A/2013, Dated: March 20, 2013 (Nomination of Administrative Judge(s))(309 KB)

(7) C.L. No. 05/UHC/DR(I)/2013, Dated: April 3, 2013 (Regarding communication of official correspondence)(175.3 KB)

(8) C.L. No. 06/UHC/DR(I)-X-a-i/2013, Dated: May 03, 2013 (Regarding compliance of inspection note recorded bv the High Court)(529 KB)

(9) C.L. No. 07/UHC/Admin A/2013, Dated: May 28, 2013 (Nomination of Administrative Judge(s)) (305 KB)

(10) C.L. No. 8/X(d)-I-Misc./DR(I)/2013, dated: July 02, 2013 (Mission Mode Drive to reduce pendency in Courts)(497 KB)

(11) Mobile Number Updation & Forgot Password Application links for Indianjudiciary Email Account Holders(49.1 KB)

(12) C.L. No. 09/XVII-5/DR(I)/2013, Dated August 13, 2013 (RETENTION OF RENT FREE ACCOMMODATION)(99 KB)

(13) C.L. No. 10/X/b-1/DR(I)/2013, Dated September 18, 2013 (Quantum of work)(165 KB)

(14) C.L. No. 12/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated September 26, 2013 (Nomination of Administrative Judge(s))(340 KB)

(15) C.L. No. 13/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated December 26, 2013 (Recess during Civil Court's vacation.)(367 KB)

(16) C.L. No. 14/UHC/XVII-7/Admin.A/2013, Dated January 8, 2014 (Conduct and behavior of a Judicial Officer.)(538 KB)

(17) C.L. No. 15/UHC/DR(I)/2013, Dated January 8, 2014 (Monthly meetings of Judicial Officers)(451 KB)

(18) C.L. No. 16/UHC/Admin-B/Misc.-2013, Dated February 21, 2014 (Recording of statement of sensitive & minor witnesses)(244 KB)

(19) C.L. No. 17/UHC/XVII-31/D.R.(I)/2010, Dated May 02, 2014 (Assessment of Judgments of the Judicial Officers)(303 KB)

(20) C.L. No. 18/UHC/Admin.A/2013, Dated May 06, 2014 (Nomination of Administrative Judge!sl)(683 KB)

(21) C.L. No. 19/UHC/DR(I)/2014, Dated June 03, 2014 (Project to "Prepare Compendium of Terrorism Related Cases".)(888.3 KB)

(22) C.L. No. 20/UHC/DR(I)/2014, Dated June 18, 2014 (Expeditious disposal of Execution Cases)(525.1 KB)


(24) C.L. No. 22/UHC/XVII-8/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 08, 2014 (EXPEDITIOUS DISPOSAL OF THE ADOPTION CASES)(238.9 KB)

(25) C.L. No. 23/UHC/XVII-9/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 09, 2014 (EXPEDITIOUS DISPOSAL OF THE CASES AGAINST SIlTING MPs AND MLAs)(283.6 KB)

(26) C.L. No. 24/UHC/XVII-7/DR(I)/2014, Dated July 31, 2014 (REGARDING WRITING ORDERS ON ORDER SHEETS)(264 KB)

(27) C.L. No. 25/UHC/XVII-10/DR(I)/2014, Dated November 11, 2014 (Strike bv the Advocates in the State of Uttarakhand.)(906.1 KB)

(28) C.L. No. 01/UHC/XVII-10/DR(I)/2015, Dated July 01, 2015 (Regarding Clearance of bills)(16 KB)

(29) C.L. No. 02/UHC/XVII-7/Admin-A/2015, Dated July 29, 2015 (Regarding casual leave/special casual leave/station leave of judicial officers,)(555 KB)

(30) C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin-B/Mobile Phone/2012, Dated July 29, 2015 (Providing mobile facility to all the Judicial Officers)(662 KB)

(31) C.L. No. 04/UHC/XVII-7/Admin-A/2015, Dated August 04, 2015 (Regarding Casual Leave/Special Casual leave)(29 KB)

(32) C.L. No. 01/UJALA/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated January 18, 2016 (Recess during winter vacation at UJALA)(380 KB)

(33) C.L. No. 02/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated February 29, 2016 (Nomination of Administrative Judge(s))(374 KB)


(35) C.L. No. 05/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated April 11, 2016 (Posting of Judicial Officers, whose spouse is serving as Judicial Officer in any of the adjoining States.)(446 KB)

(36) C.L. No. 06/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated July 21, 2016 (Nomination of Hon'ble Judge-Incharge to look after the matters related to labour Court and labour Tribunal.)(340 KB)

(37) C.L. No. 07/UHC/Admin-A/2016, Dated September 26, 2016 (Nomination of Administrative Judge/sl.)(399 KB)

(38) C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin-A/2017, Dated July 03, 2017 (Nomination of Administrative Judge(s))(372 KB)

(39) C.L. No. 04 V(a)-8/UHC/DR-(I)/2017, Dated October 27, 2017 (Regarding Issue of Adjournments.)(378 KB)

(40) C.L. No. 05 V(a)-7/UHC/DR-(I)/2017, Dated October 27, 2017 (Effective utilization of Section 265A - 265L Cr.P.C. relating to Plea Bargaining)(228 KB)

(41) C.L. No. 06 V(a)-9/UHC/DR-(I)/2017, Dated October 27, 2017 (Regarding Disposal of cases.)(199 KB)

(42) C.L. No. 07 V(a)-6/UHC/DR-(I)/2017, Dated October 27, 2017 (Effective Implementation of Section 436-A Cr.P.C)(226 KB)

(43) C.L. No. 08 V(a)-4/UHC/DR-(I)/2017, Dated October 27, 2017 (Regarding Disposal of cases more than 05 vears old)(228 KB)

(44) C.L. No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2018, Dated January 10, 2018 (Nomination of Administrative Judge (s))(212 KB)

(45) C.L. No. 02/UHC/Admin.A/2018, Dated February 17, 2018 (Nomination of Administrative Judge (s))(386 KB)

(46) C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin.A/2018, Dated October 22, 2018 (Measures for Reducing the Arrears)(290 KB)

(47) C.L. No. 04/UHC/Admin.A/2018, Dated October 29, 2018 (Partial modification in nomination of Administrative Judges)(231 KB)

(48) C.L. No. 05/UHC/Admin.A/2018, Dated November 15, 2018 (Partial modification in nomination of Administrative Judges)(200 KB)

(49) C.L No. 06/UHC/Admin.A/2018. Dated December 13, 2018 (Nomination of Administrative Judges(s)(320 KB)

(50) C.L No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2019 Dated February 28, 2019 (L.T.C. during Court working days.)(339 KB)

(51) C.L No. 02/UHC/Admin. A/2019 Dated March 11, 2019 (Quantum of work for the Judicial Officers in respect of disposal of cases u/s 138 of N.I. Act,1881.)(288 KB)

(52) C.L. No. 03/UHC/ADMIN.B/XVII/2/2006-2011   Dated March 12, 2019 (Modification in C.L. No.10/IX-g-11 dated 29th January,1973)(263 KB)

(53) C.L No. 04/UHC/Admin.B/2019 Dated April 12, 2019 (Regarding transfer policy for the staff of subordinate courts.)

(54) C.L No. 05/UHC/Admin.A/2019 Dated June 26, 2019 ( Nomination of  Administrative Judge(s).)(14 KB)

(55) C.L No. 06/UHC/Admin.A-1/2012 Dated July 27, 2019 (Regarding submission of Annual Property Statement) (15 KB)

(56) C.L No. 07/XIV-30/Admin.A/2019 Dated September 05, 2019 (Regarding Prior submission of application to avail the proposed leave) (9.4.KB)

(57) C.L No. 08/UHC/XVII-3/Ins./2019, Dated September 05, 2019 (Submission of month report regarding the assessment of Judgments of the Judicial Officers)(301.7 KB)

(58) C.L No. 09/XIV-30/Admin-A/2019, Dated November 04, 2019 (Regarding Casual leave/Special leave/Station leave of Judicial Officers)(28.9 KB)

(59) C.L No. 10/UHC/Admin-A/2019, dated December 17,2019(Correspondence /Communication with the High Court)(56.8 KB)

(60) C.L No. 01/UHC/Admin-A/2020, dated April 09, 2020 (Nomination of Administrative Judge) (14 KB)

(61) C.L No. 02/UHC/Admin-A/2020, dated April 18, 2020 (Extension in time limit for submission of Annual Confidential Remarks and Annual Property Statements)(141 KB)

(62)  C.L No. 03/UHC/Admin-B/v(a)6/2020, dated May 18, 2020 (Extension of Limitation Period)(134 KB)

(63) C.L. No.04/UHC/Admin.A-1/2020, Dated: May 27, 2020 (Regarding Movable and Immovable Property Statement) (120 KB)C.L

(64) C.L. No.05/UHC/Admin.A/2020, Dated: June 30, 2020 (Regarding Comprehensive guidelines for various types of leaves)(97 KB)

(65) C.L. No.06/UHC/Admin.A/2020, Dated: June 29,2020(Regarding Correspondence pertaining to Vigilance Cell.)(60KB)

(66) C.L. No.07/UHC/Admin.A/2020, Dated: June 29,2020(Submission of a report by the relieving officer.)(61KB)

(67) C.L. No.08/UHC/Admin.A/2020, Dated: June 29,2020(Regarding strengthening of Vigilance.)(59KB)

(68) C. L. No. 09 /UHC/Vigilance Cell/2020 Dated: August 6th, 2020. (277KB)

(69) C. L. No. 10 /UHC/Admin.A/2020 Dated: August 14th, 2020 (Regarding statement of movable & immovable property by the staff)(867 KB)

(70) C.L. No.12 /UHC/Admin.A-1/2020 Date: September 10th, 2020. (Regarding Movable and Immovable Property Statement). (629 KB)

(71) C.L. No.13 /UHC/Admin.A/2020 Date: October 13th, 2020. (Regarding Statement of Movable and Immovable Property by staff). (68 KB)

(72) C.L. No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: Jan.15, 2021(Regarding strict compliance of Circular Letter No. 05/UHC/Admin.A/2020 dated 30.06.2020)(120 KB)

(73) C.L. No. 2/UHC/Admin.A/2013 Dated: Feb 19, 2021 (Nomination of Administrative Judges) (92 KB)

(74) C.L. No. 3/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: March 19, 2021( SOP related to Subordinate Courts of the State for Circulation of Notifications/ Circular Letters etc.)(122 KB)

(75) C.L. No. 04 /UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: June 11th, 2021 (Regarding movable & immovable property statements by Judicial Officers & Staff)(159 KB)

(76) C.L. No. 05 /UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: June 30th, 2021 ( Regarding movable & immovable property statements by Judicial Officers & Staff)(143KB)

(77)  C.L. No. 06 /UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: July 01, 2021 (Regarding directions to send leave applications etc. only in official email ID of the High Court of Uttarakhand [highcourt-ua@nic.in].(125 KB)

(78) C.L. No. 08/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: August 02, 2021 (Quantum of Work for the Judicial  Officers working in the State of Uttarakhand) (530 KB)

(79) C.L.No.10/UHC/Admn-B/v(a)6/2020 Dated: 01st September, 2021 (Practice Directions to streamline the procedure being Adopted in the cases instituted for the offence under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. )(190 KB)

(80) C.L. No. 11/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: Sept.28, 2021. (Regarding provision for administering Oath to every Judicial Officer (direct recruited in the cadre of Additional District Judge and Civil Judge (Jr. Div.) after completion of Induction Training and  before assigning them independent Court work.)(128 KB)

(81) C.L. No.  12 /UHC/XVII-01/D.R.(I)/2015 Dated: October 4th, 2021 (Utilization of the Allotted Budget and Timely Clearance of the Bills.)(392 KB)

(82) C.L. No. 13/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: October 11, 2021.(Nomination of Administrative Judge(s).)(98 KB)

(83) C.L. No. 14/UHC/Ins/XVII-06/2021 Dated: October 20th, 2021 (Timely Payment of Retirement Benefits to Retiring Employees.)(375 KB)

(84) C.L. No. 15/UHC/Ins/XVII-05/2021 Dated: October 20th, 2021 (Call on and meeting with other officers on posting in the Station.)(337 KB)

(85) C.L. No. 16/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: Oct .21, 2021(Policy regarding fooding and lodging charges from the trainee participants of Uttarakhand Judicial & Legal Academy, Bhowali, District Nainital.)(109 KB)

(86) C.L. No. 17 /UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: December 29 , 2021. (Formats of Judgments for Civil and Criminal Side.) (180 KB)

(87) C.L.No: 07 U.H.C./Admin. B/Mobile Phone/ 2012, Dated: 02 July,2021 (Enhancement in purchase limit of the mobile Handset: Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-.) (242 KB)

(88) C.L. No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2022 Dated: May 21, 2022.(Partial Modification in Nomination of Administrative Judge(s).) (129.5 KB)

(89) C.L. No. 02/UHC/Admin.A/2022 Dated: May 27, 2022.(Compliance and due execution of orders and other processes communicated by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India through “FASTER” system.) (423 KB)

(90) Reminder of Circular Letter No. 20/UHC-2002 Dated 10.12.2002.(55.6 KB)

(91) C.L. No. 04 / UHC/Admin.B/ XVII/09/2022 Dated 30.11.2022 (Acceptance And Verification Of Surety Bonds.)(619 KB)

(92) C.L. No.3  UHC/Admin. B XVII-98/2011 Dated: 17.11.2022 (Regarding Civil Revisions pertaining to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Additional District Judges at the outlying stations.)(375.7 KB)

(93) C.L. No. 01/UHC/Admin.A/2023 Dated: January 03, 2023.(Partial Modification in Nomination of Administrative Judge(s).)(129 KB)

(94) C. L. No. 02/ UHC/Admin. B/2022 Dated: 5th January, 2023.(Recording Of Evidence Through Video-Conferencing.)(344.2 KB)

(95) C. L. No. 03 / UHC/Admin. B/2022 Dated: 5th January, 2023.(Recording Weeding (Destruction Of Records).)(268 KB)

(96) C.L. No. 05/UHC/Admin.A/2023 Dated: February 23, 2023.(Partial Modification in Nomination of Administrative Judge(s).)(128 KB)

(97) C.L. No. 06 /UHC/Admin A/2023 Dated March 27,2023 (Regarding Annual Confidential Remarks) (1.1 MB)

(98) C.L. No. 07 /UHC/Admin B/2022 Dated April 10,2023 (Report on Recording of Evidence Through Video Conferencing)(75.8 KB)

(99) C.L. No. 08/UHC/Admin.A/A.J./2023 Dated: May 08, 2023.( Nomination of Administrative Judge(s))(128 KB)

(100) C.L. No. 09 /UHC/Admin.B/2023 Dated: 09/05/2023.(Implementation of Orders issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court in SLP (Crl.) No. 5191 of 2021 titled as Satender Kumar Antil vs. CBI and Anr.) (244 KB)

(101) C.L. No. 10/UHC/Admin.A/2021 Dated: 12/05/2023 (Formats of Judgments for Civil and Criminal side.)(717 KB)

(102) Circular No. 11 /UHC/Admin. B/2023 Dated: 26.05.2023 (Regarding Changes in the nomenclature of District Judiciary) (196 KB)

(103) C.L. No. 12 /UHC/Admin. B/2023 Dated: 26.05.2023 (Monitoring of Infrastructure Work in District and Outlying Courts.)(389 KB)

(104) C.L.No. 13/ Inspection/2023/ Dated: July 04 , 2023 (Regarding Order X, Rule 2 of C.P.C. 1908.)(46 KB)

(105) C.L.No. 14/Inspection/2023 Dated: July 10th, 2023 (Regarding Court and Case Management.)(93 KB)

(106) C.L.No. 15/U.H.C/Admin.B/2022 Dated: July 12th, 2023 (Regarding Recording Of Evidence Through Video Conferencing and Optimum Use of Video-Conferencing Facilities.) (226 KB)

(107) C.L. No. 16 /UHC/IT Section/2023 Dated :  22/07/2023 (Regarding Complete and Accurate Data Entry in CIS Software.)(344 KB)

(108) C.L. No. 17/UHC/Admin.B/Car-Stickers/2023 Dated 25th July, 2023 (Guidelines for issuance of Car Parking Sticker to in-service Judicial Officers of the State Judiciary, Uttarakhand.)(430 KB)


(110) C.L. No. 19 /U.H.C./Admn.B/2023 Dated: 28th July, 2023 (Monitoring Of Infrastructure Work In District And Outlying Courts.)(225 KB)

(111) C.L. No. 20/U.H.C./Admn.B/2022 Dated: 3rd August, 2023 (Permitting Parties to Join the Proceedings Virtually.)(101 KB)

(112) C.L. No.21/U.H.C/Criminal Appeal/2023/Nainital Dated: 23.08.2023 (Regarding issuing legible copies of the impugned order and to indicate the complete details of all parties in order/judgments.(30 KB)

(113) C.L. No. 22/UHC/Admin.A/2023 Dated: September 05, 2023. (Arrangement of Business by the Presiding Officers.)(63 KB)

(114) C.L. No. 23/UHC/Admin.A/2023 Dated: September 05, 2023.(Presentation of adjournment and other applications on the date of listing of cases.)(87 KB)

(115) C.L. No. 24/UHC/Admin.B/Car-Stickers/2023 Dated- 21, Dec., 2023. (Fresh Guidelines for issuance of Car Parking Sticker to in-service Judicial Officers of the State Judiciary, Uttarakhand.)(365 KB)

(116) C.L. No. 25/UHC/Admin.A-2/2023 Dated: Dec.22, 2023. (Revised food charges of Uttarakhand Judicial & Legal Academy, Bhowali, District Nainital) (110 KB)

(117) C.L. No. 01 /UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated: January 03, 2024.  Partial Modification in Nomination of Administrative Judge(s). (198 KB)

(118) C.L. No. 02 /UHC/Admin.B/2024 Dated 12th January,2024, (Intimation Of Vacancy Of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ Cadre)

(119)C.L. No. 03/UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated March 07,2024 (Regulations in view of The Uttarakhand Government Servants’ Conduct Rules 2002.)(168 KB)

(120) C.L. No. 04/UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated: March 07,2024 (Quantum of Work for the Judicial Officers working in the State of Uttarakhand.)(352 KB)

(121) C.L. No. 5/UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated: March 07,2024 (Regulations in view of The Uttarakhand Government Servants’ Conduct Rules 2002.) (CORRIGENDUM)(204 KB)

(122) C.L. No. 06 /UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated: 22 March, 2024 (Withdrawal of Circular Letter No. 06 Dated 27.03.2023.)(129 KB)

(123) C.L. No. 07/UHC/Admin.B/Misc./2024 Dated- 04 April, 2024 (Affixing of Welfare Fund Stamps of ₹ 50/- on every Vakalatnama)(381 KB)

(124) C.L. No. 08/UHC/Admin B /Misc./2024/ Dated 04 April,2024(Amendment in CL No. 24/UHC/Admin.B/Car-Stickers/2023 Dated 21 Dec, 2023)(373 KB)

(125) C.L. No. 09/UHC/Admin.A/2024 Dated: April 18, 2024 ( Uttarakhand Judicial Service (Annual Confidential Remarks) Guidelines, 2024.)(874 KB)

(126) C.L. No. 10/UHC/I.T./2024 Dated: May 07, 2024 (Implementation of Virtual Court (Transport Department).)(322 KB)

Case Status / Orders/ Judgments (Beta)

Cause List (Daily/Weekly) and Defect List

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